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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best

Hi, my name is Catherine, and I have always loved to travel. Rather than exploring ruins, museums and old things, however, I have always wanted to see new things. I love contemporary architecture, sparkling new hotels and things that look as if they are from the future. If you feel the same way, this blog will help you find cutting-edge, stylish, modern, 21st century and beyond hotels. In this blog, I plan to write about my travels as well as about how to find new hotels, what to look for in the way of modern accommodations and more. Please read, explore and enjoy your upcoming contemporary holiday.


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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best


3 Strategies For First-Time Campers To Choose The Right Site

If you've decided to go camping for the first time in a campervan, then you'll naturally need to choose caravan sites for the duration of your getaway. This can be difficult when you've never done it before, so use this guide to help you choose the right caravan sites for your trip. Choose Shady Sites To Stay Cool During Camping  Many caravan sites are plain lands with minimal foliage around, so you may have to deal with intense sunlight through most parts of the day if you choose these.

Reconnecting with your partner romantically

Many couples find that the when they have children their romantic relationship takes a back seat to the more immediate demands of parenting. Unfortunately, this can lead to strain down the line if one partner feels neglected and ignored in favour of the children. Here are some ideas on how to reconnect romantically. Book a weekend away Rather than snatching a few exhausted hours for a date night when you are too tired to really talk, instead book a weekend away where you can also spend some time catching up on sleep as well as spending time together.