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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best

3 Strategies For First-Time Campers To Choose The Right Site

by Rebecca Parker

If you've decided to go camping for the first time in a campervan, then you'll naturally need to choose caravan sites for the duration of your getaway. This can be difficult when you've never done it before, so use this guide to help you choose the right caravan sites for your trip.

Choose Shady Sites To Stay Cool During Camping 

Many caravan sites are plain lands with minimal foliage around, so you may have to deal with intense sunlight through most parts of the day if you choose these. Instead, look for sites with plenty of trees to provide shade because outdoor camping in the sweltering Australian heat can get pretty hot. Healthy trees provide much-needed shade, so place your campervan in a position where you will get maximum shade based on the time of day you arrive. For instance, if you arrive at the site in the morning, then you may want to park your campervan on the west side of the tree to benefit from maximum shade. Of course, you may need to move it over to the other side in the afternoon to protect your campervan from the afternoon sun.

Choose Powered Caravan Sites Over Unpowered Caravan Sites

If you're a first-time camper, then powered caravan sites are usually more suited to you instead of off-the-grid, unpowered caravan sites because they come equipped with more amenities to make your stay more comfortable. For instance, most powered caravan sites are equipped with campervan charging points, mobile charging points, toilets, bath facilities, waste disposal facilities, entertainment facilities, drinking water, barbeque pits and much more for a more enjoyable campsite experience. In comparison, completely off-the-grid campsites come with nothing, so you're pretty much left to fend for yourself in the wilderness, which can be daunting when you're not accustomed to camping outdoors.

Choose A Level Site For Minimal Hassle

When looking for caravan sites, it's ideal to look for level ground because you don't want to end up having to park on a slope that makes it uncomfortable to sleep. Slopes can also make it inconvenient when you're looking to cook or place drinks on tables. Level ground is always best when it rains because a sloping site may cause pooling water. This will create puddles, which can make it difficult for you to get in and out of your campervan.

Choosing a campsite requires careful thought when you do it for the first time. Keep these strategies in mind when choosing caravan sites for your first-ever camping trip.