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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best

Reconnecting with your partner romantically

by Rebecca Parker

Many couples find that the when they have children their romantic relationship takes a back seat to the more immediate demands of parenting. Unfortunately, this can lead to strain down the line if one partner feels neglected and ignored in favour of the children. Here are some ideas on how to reconnect romantically.

Book a weekend away

Rather than snatching a few exhausted hours for a date night when you are too tired to really talk, instead book a weekend away where you can also spend some time catching up on sleep as well as spending time together. A bed and breakfast can provide the perfect romantic setting not only for connecting with your partner but also relaxing and recharging emotionally.

Plan some activities together

Think back to some of the activities you enjoyed before you were married and were still getting to know each other romantically. It can be fun to start a class together where you both start learning a new skill such as cooking or sketching. Many bed and breakfasts offer 'themed' weekends where you can come and start the journey of learning a new skill, which you can continue with by taking regular classes with your partner when you get back to your day-to-day life.

Talk about your dreams

Having children tends to bring your focus into the immediate challenges of keeping the family fed and making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. However, it can also be useful to take this opportunity to talk about what your longer-term goals are both personally and for your family. As parents you make many decisions that guide the direction of the family, so discussing and agreeing to your family goals can make sure these decisions are aligned. This can help avoid arguments and frustrations as a couple. 

Recommit to each other

Take this time to recommit to each other and take moments of time together to regularly check in and reconnect. Often by doing this you can see when one or the other partner is feeling particularly run down emotionally and might need another night away to get back on track. It's better to be proactive about this than to wait until one person is angry or frustrated enough to pick a fight, and it's much easier to have an enjoyable time when you start simply tired and distant rather than actively annoyed or frustrated.

If you are looking to reconnect with your partner, why not book a night in a bed and breakfast right now?