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Hi, my name is Catherine, and I have always loved to travel. Rather than exploring ruins, museums and old things, however, I have always wanted to see new things. I love contemporary architecture, sparkling new hotels and things that look as if they are from the future. If you feel the same way, this blog will help you find cutting-edge, stylish, modern, 21st century and beyond hotels. In this blog, I plan to write about my travels as well as about how to find new hotels, what to look for in the way of modern accommodations and more. Please read, explore and enjoy your upcoming contemporary holiday.


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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best

Family Vacation | 3 Secret Tips To Spare Your Wallet During a Hotel Stay

by Rebecca Parker

Finding a hotel in your vacation city requires a great deal of thought and consideration − especially if you're travelling with the whole family on vacation. If you've decided to book a hotel for your next vacation trip with your family, there are some smart ways to get the best value from your hotel.

Follow these secret tips to spare your wallet during your family vacation:

Don't Hesitate to Ask for an Upgrade or a Better Rate

When you arrive at the hotel to check-in, be sure to ask for an upgrade. Most people hesitate, because they think it sounds cheap or that they won't get it. In reality, this small request will actually get you the upgrade you want − and face it, what did you lose by asking? If you receive an upgrade, congratulations! If you strike out, ask if there are any applicable discounts that you missed while making the reservation and could avail of now.

Out of courtesy for denying you the upgrade, many hotels may offer you a small discount (or perhaps even a spa voucher) during your stay. You've already found more value for your hotel stay!

Discuss Your Special Needs Immediately

Before you're assigned a room, discuss your special room needs with the staff. You certainly don't want to be caught next door to a couple throwing a raging party when you and your kids just want a nice relaxing time. If your kids have special needs like certain types of meals or allergies, be sure to let the staff know in advance so that appropriate action will be taken to serve your family's needs best.

And yes, people do forget! So remind them when your child has a shrimp or mushroom allergy when ordering room service. Hotel staff usually appreciates your upfront honesty. It saves them from having to change your room once you've already moved in, or having to remake the food to suit your child's allergy.

Check For Free Amenities

Most good hotels offer a bevy of amenities − some are free while others are charged. Depending on the type of vacation you're planning with your family, you may want to consider all kinds of free amenities offered by the hotel. For example, some hotels offer complimentary breakfast. This comes in handy when full cooked breakfasts for a family of 4 sets you back $19 every time.

Some hotels offer free transport to and from the city or attractions around the city − take advantage of that to save a few bucks in taxi fares. Some hotels also offer babysitting services and play items for children − so you don't have to worry about expensive luggage allowance fees. Before booking, check for free amenities from the hotel to get the most value you can for the whole family.

Finding a good value hotel in any city or vacation destination isn't easy − these secret tips will help you spare your wallet during your next family hotel stay. To learn more, contact a company like Windsor Lodge Como.