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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best

Hi, my name is Catherine, and I have always loved to travel. Rather than exploring ruins, museums and old things, however, I have always wanted to see new things. I love contemporary architecture, sparkling new hotels and things that look as if they are from the future. If you feel the same way, this blog will help you find cutting-edge, stylish, modern, 21st century and beyond hotels. In this blog, I plan to write about my travels as well as about how to find new hotels, what to look for in the way of modern accommodations and more. Please read, explore and enjoy your upcoming contemporary holiday.


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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best

4 Things You Need for a Successful Professsional Conference at a Hotel

by Rebecca Parker

Many hotels have great facilities to run professional conferences. Aside from viewing the conference room, checking the AV facilities and working out the seating capacity, here are some other important things to check to make sure the conference goes off without a hit.

Group room rates

If you have a lot of conference goers coming from interstate or overseas, it's useful to organise competitive room rates to encourage them to stay at the hotel. That way you can organise conference networking events and don't need to spend time and effort organising shuttle buses backwards and forwards to different accommodation rates. The informal networking that occurs out of the conference session can be a huge drawcard for some conference goers.

On site parking

Equally for local participants, organising discounted rates for the parking at the hotel can be very useful in reducing delays around check in. Often times the parking rates can be very high on a rack basis, but could be much more palatable if reduced and rolled into your overall conference fees.

Many conferences attendees need to pay parking out of pocket, but have conference fee paid by an employer so are less sensitive to small increases in conference fees.

Speedy Wi-Fi

While many of your presenters will bring in their presentations, a growing trend is for people to store presentations on cloud storage services, which require Internet access to load the presentation. To avoid issues with mobile phone coverage black spots, it is very important to have fast Wi-Fi services. Equally many of your participants will need to check in with their workplace during the day and speedy Wi-Fi will let them check in without needing to leave the room.

Overflow working space

While the main conference room seating may be adequate for the main presentations, if you would also like to run break out sessions you will need some additional areas that can let people work in small groups. Ask the hotel staff if there are additional meetings rooms or restaurant spaces you may be able to use during the day for additional working space. People may also need spaces to prepare for their later presentations or make confidential phone calls during the day.

Make sure that you meet with the event coordinator and have a personal contact during the day. Minor issues do arise and can easily be fixed by the professional events staff at any large hotel. For a list of other services and pricing, contact local hotel options like Hougoumont Hotel Fremantle.