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Modern Accommodations and Why You Deserve the Best

Pros and Cons of 4 Different Accommodation Options for Business Travellers

by Rebecca Parker

From motels, hotels, serviced apartments and short term rental agreements, there are many options available to the business traveller. The best option depends on the needs of the individual and a number of other factors, such as price, length of the stay, and the facilities.


Often located along major highways and traffic corridors, motels are a popular option for business travellers using their own vehicle. Motels can be the best—and sometimes only—option for those travelling for business to remote or regional town centres where other options may be limited. Product reps and travelling sales associates are a common example of business travellers who may use hotels for a short stay.

The reality is however are motels can be used by many who travel for work, and often a preferred option for short stay business travellers footing the bill for their own accommodation.


  • Conveniently located for business travelling by car between destinations.
  • Offer some of the most affordable options for those travelling for work paying for their own accommodation.


  • Often offer limited facilities including connectivity, security, or space to work when compared to other options.
  • Do not provide as much comfort as other options, especially over longer stays.


For corporate business travellers who are not paying for their own accommodation, hotels are one of the most common options for short stays. Large companies often negotiate travel contracts with hotels when several of their employees stay regularly at any given time in certain city. Services including dry cleaning, printing and office administration services are also provided at hotels making them attractive to the needs of business travellers.


  • Often located in downtown areas with convenient to places business travellers are visiting including convention centres and offices.
  • Offer multiple services and facilities in the property including restaurant and in room dining, gym and pool.  


  • Usually most expensive option especially when the costs of food and beverage are accounted for.
  • Limited space in rooms to stay for a long period considering the price.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments offer accommodation to the same standard as hotels often in city or inner city locations, but compared to a hotel room, are designed to function as a home away from home. Because of separate dining, living, kitchen, laundry and bedroom areas, there is plenty of room for the business traveller to work from the apartment as well as more self contained living for the traveller to be comfortable and self sufficient while they are away. Their nightly rates are also more affordable than a hotel due to fewer overheads and staff costs.


  • Many apartments have 2 or 3 bedrooms, allowing the business traveller to travel with their family for business.
  • Save money on food costs by being able to cook your own food.
  • Offer weekly rates that are cheaper than a hotel.


  • Offer less services and 'frills' that may be attractive to business travellers such as hotel bars, room service and valet parking.

Short Stay Corporate Lease Agreements

For business travellers relocating on a semi-permanent basis, taking out a short term corporate lease in an apartment complex or private home may be an attractive option. Similar to serviced apartments, corporate lease agreements are suitable for those travelling for work but are staying put in the same place for at least a month and require more space than a single room. They are popular for workers relocating temporarily for a new contract.


  • Many properties are pet-friendly and equipped to accommodate families
  • Internet, energy costs and local phone calls costs are included in many properties.
  • More space than other accommodation options.


  • Usually not available for periods shorter than a month.
  • May not be as centrally located as serviced apartments or hotels.
  • No housekeeping services provided during the stay.

Learn more about your options by consulting local expert resources like Executive Living.